Tips for Traveling with Toddlers

Parents! Are you concerned of how to travel with your kids by airplane? Just proactively think ahead and take wise steps to turn your weary journey into an exciting one with toddlers. The basic idea is to keep your children comfortable and engaged, have smart packing, and plan for seating and security clearances.


Be aware of the airline policies while traveling with kids. Seating charges and baggage allowances may vary for different airlines. In some carriers, additional seats may be booked for children below 2 years. It is up to you to decide if you require an additional seat for the infant or not. Most airlines allow one hand luggage and one pushchair or booster for babies.

Security Clearance

Gently take your infants out of strollers and carrycots at the checkpoint. Maintain a normal pace to take care of your child and the security clearance. If your child is very naughty, role play the clearance activities, in order to make him prepared to come out of the stroller and put his scarf and hand luggage on the conveyer belt. Older children have to walk through the X-Ray and scanning machines on their own.

It is important to note here that you need not carry all the items of your kids, to avoid extra baggage charges. Even for baby milk, you may preorder it from the online store like Boots and collect from a departmental store in the airport.

Overcoming Ear Popping

Ear popping is inevitable while take-offs and landings. The best ways of coping with the popping sound are to give the child milk, snacks, or pacifier, talk to him lovely, and play games.

Baby Care Kit

If your child is sick, the baby care kit should come in handy to provide whatever medicines or drops. You may use ear drops to overcome the altitude changes on board.

Nonstop Flights

Nonstop flights supersede others with respect to minimum travel time without any layovers, decreased ear pressure, and no intermediate delays. In a nutshell, with nonstop flights one may travel faster with much less hassle.


One long haul journey may cause much inconvenience to your children, as they start throwing tantrums. This makes the mom frazzled and it will not be a good start to the vacation. On the contrary, with layovers, tots may stretch their legs and have a change of atmosphere. Thus, it will be easy for the parents to pacify their tots. Consider scheduling of layovers to cope up with the temperament of the kids. Do not split your trip if the kids do not like the ear-popping take-offs and landings.

Keep the Baby Relaxed

Being aware of the needs and nature of the baby, you may keep him relaxed and comfortable as much as possible while in transit. Perform your normal activities for the child to make him entertained and engaged. You may download games, songs, cartoon films, and kids related TV videos to keep the child involved in it. You may carry a scarf and a small pillow to provide warm protection and a soft, comfortable seat for him.

Be Comfortable Yourself

It is equally important to take care of yourself. Take your time to pack things in order and do things for your wellbeing. For avoiding tension, be early to the airport and enjoy with your kids while going through check-in and in flight.

After landing, flight attendants will welcome you and assist in departure from the plane comfortably. Bon Voyage!