The return is lived very differently from one traveler to another. Some go back to their lives, as if they had only gone a few weeks on vacation. Others have more difficulty in reacclimating themselves. Many tourdumondists go through several phases when they return.

1. The euphoria of return

When you return from a long journey, you are happy to see the loved ones from whom you have been away for a long time and to regain the comfort of Western life. You feel a bit like a star and have a lot of fun telling your adventures to everyone.

2. The cultural counter-shock

After a few weeks or a few months, the routine is reinstated. The life before resumes its course. Sometimes you feel like you’re back to square one. You feel less fulfilled than during your trip and you think back with nostalgia.

You have to give yourself time to step back, to integrate everything you have experienced. Give yourself the right not to feel good, it’s a pretty normal step. The intensity and duration of this period of depression varies greatly from one traveler to another.

3. The readjustment

After a while, the trip seems far away. You begin to take a step back and integrate everything you have experienced during your world tour. You are building new projects and the excitement of everyday life is slowly blurring your melancholy.

4. Adaptation

What seemed strange to you in your country is gradually becoming commonplace and you feel more and more comfortable in your environment. You can start enjoying your country to the full, as cultural counter-shock is normally out of date.

The return is like a culture shock, but at home.The return is like a culture shock, but at home.


It feels good to find those we loveIt feels good to find those we love

The return of a world tour is an opportunity to celebrate with your family and friends. Some Tourdumondists return even earlier than their announced return date to surprise their loved ones.

You are happy to find them after so much time away from them and have the impression of having left them the day before. Your brothers and sisters may have had children during your absence and you have the joy of finally meeting your nephews or nieces.

While traveling, we meet a lot of people, but they are relationships that rarely last very long. It feels good to find lasting ties when coming home.

However, many travelers are disappointed by the lack of interest their loved ones have in their adventures. Not everyone is waiting for a detailed story. Many ask a few questions, often the same ones like “Which country did you prefer?” Or “What is the place to be?” And quickly follow the news of everyday life.

You will sometimes be asked just “It was good?”, As if you had gone on vacation for two weeks. The subject of the trip is quickly put aside while you would like to talk about the hours. You may feel that you are the only one who truly understands what you have gone through without being able to explain it.

When you were no longer there, your friends and family learned to do without you and it can be difficult to find your place. For them, nothing has changed, when you are no longer the same. Some former Turdumondists find it difficult to reintegrate into society. They feel disconnected, out of sync, sometimes misunderstood, somewhat foreign to their own country. They feel that they are not open to others and that they are closed to outside ideas. It’s not easy to meet people like you again. Meetings are missing.

When you return, you will sometimes experience a misunderstanding of your travel or lifestyle choices. Your return blues may seem illegitimate to your loved ones, because for them, you come back from a year of “vacation”. Some judge you or make you moral: “Now what are you going to do? Are you looking for work? ”