Introductory photo of the article

With our little rental Toyota Corola, Sylvain and I are heading north and its national parks. We were warned that roads are sometimes deserted for hundreds of miles and that shopping can be complicated and expensive. No problem. We took reservations. What to eat tuna and corn at all meals for days and days. It should be noted that we did not buy what to cook, it does not hurt the possibilities.

We stop at all the national parks on our way. The first park is only an hour from Perth (three hours when you get lost): Yanchep.
A nice park that is not wild. This is where we meet our first kangaroos and also Koalas. It’s cute these little animals. “Mougnoumougnou …” even better than tele! We spend the night near the small village. It is not too difficult to hide our two tents behind large dunes in a very quiet corner.

We take the road again in the morning. Again not very easy to find our way. There are no directional signs left in this country. On the other hand we find a lot of roadblocks blocked. As in the project Blair Witch systematically returns to the same place. There is a curse on this place completely deserted and burning. No living being visible. I get out of the car to ask for help on a farm. Ten probably killer flies try to devour my eyes and go into my ears and suck my brain. The gate of the farm is firmly closed with a huge chain, I return to take refuge quickly in the car. Who can want to live here anyway, surely a kind of psychopath. By dint of wandering we meet two farmers. I am There are horror movies, and those seem to me to be reglos. They show us the road to the highway. Sauves!

We arrive at a second national park called the Pinnacles Desert. The Pinnacles desert is a real desert of sand with funny rocks that seem to have grown everywhere. No explanatory papers, we just go for a walk in the middle of the rather mystical place. To this day we still do not know how these rocks were formed. So I stay on Obelix’s thesis that would come on vacation.