We spend a lot of time trying to find a job that wins big.

the good plan, the mines

It had been months that the rumor of this good plan had reached us. It was already spoken with travelers in the mountains in the depths of Nepal in inns around a wood fire. At Billabong we have confirmation that all this is true. We meet several Backpackers who have just found work.

Bossing in MINES becomes our priority objective.
You can earn up to 3000 euros per month. Of course we also work almost 12 hours a day. At this price we are ready for anything.

We make beautiful resumes that show how serious we are with a very good physical condition. Then we go to all the temporary agencies, we directly call dozens of mines, and finally we go see some in person. Nothing to do, it’s not easy to find. Apparently you have to be very lucky and be there at the right time.
After all these efforts, really disappointed we finally give up hope of making a fortune. Pity!

Work in the vineyards at Margaret River?

We finally leave in the south at Margaret River 300 km from Peth where an interim agency has promised us work as a vine grower.
We arrive the next day after confirmation in the morning that the work is still waiting for us. ” Yes, yes, no problem, come on, ” she tells us.
Arriving on the spot at the interim agency we are told that there is no work for now, maybe in a week or two, nothing is sure.
This is a huge fucking mouth, I really want to treat this big bitch of bitch because I am a polite boy anyway. Finally I hold back, and Sylvain too who is even more enervate than me. Whore it’s still 5 hours away just for this job

As we are here we spend the weekend here. There are a lot of people waiting for the work to happen. It looks like the woman from the interim agency has managed to attract a good little group.

The surroundings of Margaret are very pretty, wild, with magnificent and gigantic empty beaches, battered by huge waves of several meters. This is one of the best surfing spots in the world and the surfers here are really impressive. Unfortunately the distances are great and without cars here is difficult to move.

The good idea: not work at all?

We retreat again on Perth but this time not to look for work. I believe that fate tries to tell us that all this is for us, not for now.
Sylvain and I finally decide to rent a car and go on an adventure back to the northwest and its wilderness.
We lost enough time!