We join Gregory, a friend of Ieseg who is an expatriate in Sydney. He generously welcomes us for a week in his penthouse in the neighborhood of Elizbeth Bay near Kings Cross. What a luxury after our last shabby backpacker in Perth!

We spend our few days here wandering around the city. François discovers Sydney Opera House, it’s done. It reminds me a lot of memories of my time as a student in Wollongong and where we were going to have little weekends in Sydney. With Greg, we find Patrick, aka “Satchet”, the Australian colloc of Ludo when we were in Wollongong. We will drink a few pints, it has not changed.

We also find Florent, the colloc Kiké in Paris, who is also doing a tour of the world. He tells us how he was stuck in a small town in Bolivia because of a miners’ strike and how and how his taxi was dynamite attacked when he tried to leave the city. He also makes us dream by telling us that he found himself in the middle of a police operation against drug traffickers on the border between Peru and Ecuador and how, during a bus trip, he is waking up with a gun on the temple. Fortunately it was “only” a plainclothes policeman who told him not to make noise because he was about to arrest thieves. Beside his,

I also have the privilege of being the first Iéseg to meet Priya, Greg’s Australian girlfriend, super nice. One night Greg takes us to visit his office at Maersk, in a skyscraper in the middle of the central business district, from where we have a great view of the center of Sydney. It’s already the end of our stay in Australia. It only lasted a month. We are flying to New Zealand. Thanks again for your welcome Greg!