Food Trip In New York: Best Foods to Eat

What comes to your mind when you visit New York City? The place? The people? Or the food?

A New York adventure will never be completed without visiting restaurants and other food stands. This city can introduce you a different kind of experience when it comes to food. New York City will definitely give you the best tasting foods while you are enjoying its amazing places.

If you wanted to travel alone or together with your favorite travel buddies, New York will never disappoint your taste buds. Apart from it is known because of its countless landmarks and exciting indoors and outdoors, this city is a must-have on your list if you are craving for delicious and irresistible food.

So, satisfy your cravings with New York City’s best tasting foods!


If you haven’t yet tasted Bagels, New York City can give you this sumptuous food. You can find Bagels to be crispy and shiny on the outside but chewy and soft on the inside. This food was brought by the Eastern European Jews to New York on the 1880’s and until now many New Yorkers love to eat it.


During the early 1900’s, the Italian immigrants have brought pizza to New York City. Since then, it became the food specialty of the city. New York City offers pizza that is characterized with floppy and thin base together with fresh and light mozzarella and classic marinara sauce. So, you can find their pizza hard to resist.

New York Cheesecake

The New York cheesecake is among the must-haves in the dessert menus in New York. This delicious cream cheese concoction can give you the best time to crave for more flavorful foods around the city. Definitely, you need to try this cheesecake so that you can create a unique food experience that you can only have in New York City.

Hot Dogs

Hotdogs are among the traditional foods in New York. It was Charles Feltman who started selling hotdogs in 1781 in Coney City. After, many people have already made their way selling hotdogs with different recipes.

Pastrami On Rye

It was Sussman Volk, a Kosher butcher who first produced pastrami sandwich that happened on 1887. Since then, this sandwich became an iconic dish in New York. It is usually made from tender beef with spices and herbs. It is being prepare by pressing, smoking and steaming.

So, when you visit New York, don’t forget to try these foods and you will definitely create a more enjoying travel experience.