Only 4 hours by plane and here we are in Perth, Australia. Impressive temperature change, I put on pants and a good sweater, and I continue to tremble.

First thing, you have to find a place to live. No more little bungalows, now we will stay in the dormitories of the backpackers hotels. It is less comfortable it is on but it is what is cheaper.
Backpackers (tourists with big bags) are really important here. Everywhere in the streets panels that give discounts to backpackers, jobs to backpackers, backpackers, special backpackers, vans to backpackers … This word is really ubiquitous. There are even so many backpackers here that all backpackers hostels are full.
You have to try a dozen before finding a place at the Billabong hotel. Here, it’s like I imagined better: a large common room full of young people, a large communal kitchen, large dormitories with bunk beds, a TV room with large comfortable sofas, a ping-pong table, old arcade video games, a small garden with a pool, garden tables and sun loungers. There is a very good atmosphere and it’s easy to make friends. Especially since the proportion of French is huge. It’s easier when you’re tired.

Perth, is a city of more than a million inhabitants, yet despite its few skyscrapers, we do not have the feeling of being in a big city here. There are few cars, the streets are clean and quiet.
There is something of Los Angeles here, the buildings are rarely more than one floor, the roofs are flat, and the facades are very American. It’s not uncommon to see old American cars pass even a Mustang or a Cadiac. I have the impression of being in the GTA video game at times, gangs weapons less.

In the surroundings there are also pretty beaches, good spots for surfers, there are also pretty parks. Perth is a very nice city.

With the Backpackers, we spend a few days talking at Billabong around a Goon brick. The Goon is bad Australian wine that contains egg and fish, worried!
Sometimes we go out to bars in the city. The night Perth becomes English, with her gangs of poufs in very short dresses, very tight and in shoes with heels. These girls have a particular way of dancing that goes well with the outfit. It makes me laugh. At the exit of the boxes there are tensions and rather violent people, the stuffed girls scream like calves. The good side of the bars in Perth is that you can easily meet nice people, that the evening often starts with a very good little rock band live and that the music is really good whatever the style.

At the end of our stay in Perth, almost 2 weeks in total. We have a bunch of really nice pals. Half do not live in the backpacker because the stay is limited to 3 weeks. It’s rather funny to see how people manage to sleep in the hotel for free by finding a free bed somewhere discreetly. Others sleep in the vans stations on the parking but do not hesitate to use the free breakfast. There are too many people here nobody knows who is in the hotel and who is not.

it is in this fraudulent environment that all this little world tries to find work with difficulty, including us.